The library at Tsing Yi is used by our students for their own pleasure and as part of their Unit of Inquiry learning. Tsing Yi uses the Junior Librarian system to record the location of library books, so that the library books (and the information contained in them!) can be easily tracked down, making the library an invaluable resource for our lifelong learning.

The library is set up to be accessible and navigable for both K1 and K2 students, who can pursue their interests using both books and digital technology. The shelves are organized in an authentic yet kindergarten-friendly system so that students can independently find the books they are interested in, and our dedicated teacher-librarian collaborates closely with both students and teachers to support and promote information literacy.

Students have regular library sessions, which encourage students’ natural enthusiasm for books, and develop valuable information and digital literacy skills. Each week children choose a book from their classroom selection to take home to share with their parents. We aim to foster and support a love of reading both at home and school.